Susanne Nemetz

It was my interest in languages and cultures that led me to train as an interpreter, translator and foreign language correspondence clerk. So I studied German, English, Spanish and French for five years at Euro-Sprachschule Aschaffenburg and at Würzburger Fachakademie für Sprachen.

During several stays abroad, in European countries as well as in South America I improved my knowledge of languages and learned a lot about communication and customs of people from different cultures.

My friends here in Germany, too come from all over the world and they were my first students of German. Before I started teaching professionally, however, I trained as a yoga teacher and took courses in pedagogics and andragogics.

Over the years I have become a private tutor for German, at first only locally, but since 2012 I have also been teaching online.

With Ubiquela I would like to take the classroom to wherever my students are.


The Name

Ubiquela is composed of two Latin words (it seems that studying Latin for eight years has left marks!)

UBIQUE (everywhere) + LOQUELA (language) = UBIQUELA